Monday, September 7, 2009

New features

(Can you tell I am catching up all at once?)

We are trying to move into the 21st century! We left our old Web hosting company (which shall remain nameless) and switched to GoDaddy. Talk about free advertising!

It's been worth the effort of converting from a FrontPage-based site to one driven by HTML. We've got lots of new features we hope you will like. And use!
  • Guestbook, where you can let us know what you think, how our work affects you, and so on...
  • Updated contact page, that should make it easier for you to talk to us.
  • Potpourri, where we can let our hair down now and again. And pay tribute to those who have gone on before us, and made a difference in OUR lives.
  • Site surveys (not up yet), so you can help us prioritize.
  • Online store, yes!, one that accepts credit cards!
  • Photo albums (also not up yet), so we can share our lives with you.
  • Expanded sections due to increased storage capacity on GoDaddy's servers, which permit us to e.g. include excerpts from our books, plays, and poetry.
  • Encrypted emails, so those of you who use our translation and other business services can be certain of the privacy of our correspondence.
  • Forums for discussing translations or White Rose or culture shock, should the need arise. Let us know!
We also intend to use this blog for more than updates to We want to let our hair down a little, let you get to know us - the people behind the work.

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