Friday, October 9, 2009

Friends of the White Rose

Effective with the December 2009 newsletter of the Center for White Rose Studies (published by Exclamation! Publishers), we will no longer mail free copies of the newsletter to individuals or institutions for whom we do not have an email address.

If you wish to continue receiving our newsletter, please choose one of the following options to stay on our mailing list.

1. Email us. A short email will suffice, with "Subscribe to e-Newsletter" in the body of your email.

2. "Follow" this blog (subscribe to the RSS feed or use the Google "follow" feature) to receive automatic email notification of news from our publishing house, including upload of quarterly White Rose newsletter.

3. Alternately, follow or subscribe to Ruth Sachs' author's blog.

4. Subscribe to snail-mail notification. This costs $10/year and will entitle you to notification of upload via First Class U.S. Mail. Contact us to receive an order form via email or snail mail, or order snail mail notification through our online catalog.

5. Subscribe to the expanded version of our newsletter, which includes additional information not found online. This costs $48/year for our quarterly newsletter. Contact us to receive an order form via email or snail mail, or order the expanded version of the newsletter through our online catalog.

We appreciate our readers. We are trying to expand the services and products we can offer to those who are genuinely interested in German resistance during the Shoah in general, and the White Rose in particular.

To do so, we must re-allocate our resources. To better serve "friends of the White Rose," we must discontinue freebies to those with marginal interest in the topic.

With sincere thanks for your understanding, and the hope that we will hear from you soon!

Denise Heap
On behalf of the team at
Center for White Rose Studies and
Exclamation! Publishers

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